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Bastrop ISD Mentorship Program

Posted over 1 year ago

Bastrop ISD and CareerCraft invite TNA District 5 members to make a difference! Would you be interested in mentoring a highschool student as they consider a career in healthcare? The mentorship program is virtual and requires about 45 minutes/week for 16 weeks.  The structured program helps students plan for what comes next in their life after graduation. They have about 20 students and 12 of these are interested in Healthcare. 

Click mentorship program for more information on the partnership with Bastrop ISD and CareerCraft.  Below is information regarding the process and general timeline:  

Step 1: Attend Information Session (December)

Please plan to attend one of the mentor information sessions listed below.  The Zoom link will be live at the time of the session you want to attend.  During the 45-minute session, you will learn more about the expectations of mentors, the students who will be served in the program, the resources available to you as a mentor to guide interactions with students, and general tips on successful mentoring programs.  


Notes: All times are Central. If you would like to receive a calendar invite to a specific session, please let Shane Thomas know and he will happily send a calendar invite to hold the time on your calendar.  


Step 2: Questionnaire and Background Check (December)

At the conclusion of the information session, if you are willing and able to serve as a mentor, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire which will be used to:

  • Help match you with a student who has similar interests or career aspirations.
  • Allow Bastrop ISD to conduct a background check in their internal volunteer management system.


Step 3: Get Matched with a Mentee (December/January)

Using information provided in your questionnaire and using information provided by students, you will be matched with a mentee.  CareerCraft and Bastrop ISD match mentors and mentees based on career interests, college interests, similar hobbies, etc. whenever possible.  


Step 4: Start Mentoring (January-May)

Using a Mentor Guide which will be provided, you will meet (virtually) with your mentee for approximately 45-minutes each week during a 16-week period.  During this time you will help your mentee chart a course forward after high school while helping the student build self-confidence.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact 

Shane Thomas, Co-founder & Chief Program Officer