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Student Nurse Internships Available

Posted over 3 years ago

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The TNAd5 board members would like to offer all RN nursing students an opportunity to see how our Texas nursing leadership works to support all segments of nursing practice by working with the state legislature and stakeholders through its Government Affairs and nursing practice committees. 

Mission: Empowering Texas Nurses to advance the profession.

Vision: Nurses transforming health.

Values: Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Courage for nurses and out patients. 

TNA is a volunteer-driven member organization that works towards improving nursing and patient outcomes. This internship will allow a student who is in a nursing program, who has completed their first year, and interested in representing nurses across the state of Texas though Policy development and legislation in the future, to shadow a current board member of district 5 as a mentee. The student will attend monthly board meetings, have opportunity to provide input to discussions and attend educational functions, either live or virtual based on current COVID guidance. Additional requirements/guidelines are included on the application form. The various board position that you can shadow to learn more about the TNA organization are: 

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Director of Membership
  • Director of PR and Community Service
  • Director of Nursing Practice/Workplace Advocacy
  • Director of Programs & CNE
  • Nominations Committee

To apply for an internship, please fill out the attached application and send to Michael Turturro at Have additional questions? Please contact us via the Contact Us tab on the Home screen.