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Caring for Equal Rights - Transgender Patients


Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 6:30pm CT - 9:00pm CT



Considerations in the care of transgender patients


Jessica Soukup

Additional Information

Jessica is an activist, writer, and passionate advocate for intersectional feminism and equal rights for transgender and gender-diverse people. In 2017, she wrote He/She/They - Us: Essential information, vocabulary, and concepts to help you become a better ally to the transgender and gender diverse people in your life. She speaks publicly on women's empowerment, transgender rights and educates on LGBTQIA Allyship. She serves on the board of Transgender Education Network of Texas, is CoChair of GLSEN Austin, and on the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition. For 12 years at Texas State University, she has worked as a system analyst for the Division of Student Affairs. She co-facilitates workshops for Professional Development, including "Supporting Transgender people in higher education" and "LGBTQIA Allies Training."

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